SEO for the Surf Industry

It wasn’t that long ago when so-called experts exclaimed that the action sports industry (including surfing) was dead. Then 2020-21 happened. Overnight, consumers crept out of the valley, onto soft-tops, and into the white-wash to drive revenue into the industry unlike ever before. As this consumer base matures, the demand for more “sophisticated” products and services will grow like winter swell on the North Shore Oahu. But with great opportunity comes greater competition. Surf-based businesses that want to capitalize on current growth yet set the table for sustainable success must modernize all aspects of operations, including their online marketing strategy. To get on, and maintain a position on the top of Google Page One, focus must be placed on search engine optimization (SEO). This is as true for a mom & pop shop as it is for an enterprise manufacturer of hard and soft goods. But you know this, which is why you’re searching for SEO for your surf industry business.

With two-decades of experience in SEO for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and armed with a feverous passion for the surf industry, you won’t find a better fit for your online marketing goals. As your independent consultant, I cut out the agency fees, and you receive dedicated attention from an expert that actually cares about your industry. Better yet, I offer exclusivity for local businesses within a geographic area.

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SEO for the All Types of Surf Brands and Businesses

Surf Shops

Surf shops have been and will always be the cornerstone of the surf industry. I will help you establish a stronghold on Google Map search for your local area, while at the same time ensure that your online presence reaches statewide and nationwide consumers.  

Surfboard Shapers

Tired of getting by on “bro deals”? I will get you on Google Page One for “custom surfboards” in your area and other related searches. Expand beyond the square footage of your garage or studio and into the online space today! 

Surf Brands and Product Manufacturers

Are you an independent brand that designs/manufactures hard or soft goods, and want to compete for online space against the big names? Perhaps you’re an established brand and want to stay relevant in the eyes of today’s online consumer. Whichever side of the spectrum you’re on, you need to get found on Google. Let’s make that happen.

Surf Podcasts, Vlogs, and Content Publishers

Online content creators in the surf space can monetize their web traffic via Google AdSense and through other online partnerships. But first, your content must consistently rank high on Google to drive sufficient traffic. YouTube and social channels are great, but it all comes back to the content being hosted on your website. Whether you manage a podcast, vlog, or blog, every page and post must be optimized for keyword targets that will drive qualified traffic. All you need to do is keep creating content, and I’ll optimize it for you. Want to join the ranks of BeachGrit, The Intertia, Stab, and SurfSplendor? Let’s chat.

Surf Contest and Event Promoters 

Whether you manage marketing for the WSL, NSSA, ISA, or a local regulatory body that organizes surf events somewhere in the world, you want to be the one to control the online narrative about your events through SEO. Let’s do it.

Surf Schools

Thanks to its inclusion in the Summer Olympics and exposure on a variety of network and streaming channels, interest in surfing is at an all time high. As a result, beginners are looking to pay a premium for top quality surf lessons, and to fill the demand surf schools are popping-up along the shores of the mainland and the islands in record numbers. To make sure that your operation is the one new students find, you need to rank high on local area search, including the Google Map and traditional search engine results page (SERP). I’ll make that happen.

Surf Travel and Tourism

The surf travel and tourism industry is growing fast. Whether you manage a small surf tour operation in your beachfront community, or a large international booking site, I will help you corner this niche market.

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What’s Included in SEO Services?

OnSite SEO Set-Up

  • Keyword Analysis and Recommendations.
  • Optimization of Title Tags, Headings, Heading Structures, and Meta-Descriptions (based upon keyword selection).
  • Optimization of Images, Photos, and All Graphical Elements (based upon keyword selection).
  • Optimization and Editing of Existing Content (based upon keyword selection).
  • Installation of Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools.
  • Google My Business Profile Creation (Google Map Placement).

SEO Content Management and Maintenance

  • Content strategy, including but not exclusive to the creation of new product/service landing pages and blog set-up/maintenance.

Social SEO

Natural Link Building

  • Content driven link acquisition under Google’s strict guidelines.
  • Clean-up of existing backlink profile.
  • Repair of Google penalized websites.

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