SEO Huntington Beach – Orange County, California

SEO Services for Huntington Beach and Surrounding Orange County Area

As a freelance content writer and SEO consultant I have the flexibility to serve the regional markets I am most knowledgeable in, and passionate about. Huntington Beach (CA) and the surrounding communities of southern Orange County are included in this mix. As a freelancer, my SEO services can accommodate the resources of a small mom & pop shop exclusively servicing local customers or a medium to large business looking to expand their reach to attract both locals and visitors alike, online.

How is Local SEO Different for Orange County CA?

Local SEO is all about putting your business on the map, literally and figuratively. The online marketing landscape of Orange County cannot be treated in the same manner as Los Angeles, New York, or any other metropolis in North America. While the communities (Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, etc…) are relatively small in comparison to these other markets, they can be just as ferociously competitive, if not more, given the condensed pockets of consumer populations. To account for this, I offer EXCLUSIVITY for your local business. This agreement means that for the duration of our contract I will not accept SEO contracts from your direct competition in your locale.

The following local industries require a very strong SEO presence in order to garner online success, in Orange County, in the year ahead:

  • Real Estate Agencies (especially within Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach)
  • Vacation Property Agencies (especially within Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach)
  • Tour Providers
  • Leisure Services
  • B2B Services

What Will Be Accomplished for Your Orange County Based Business?

Other Services Available for Orange County Businesses