SEO Christmas Offer 2014

SEO Christmas Offer 2014

With every other product/service out there announcing huge Holiday season offers I wondered, why doesn’t the SEO industry do the same? Sure there have been a few dismal attempts to mask a standard sales pitch under the guise of Christmas but honestly, in a society where we demand that Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals extend well into December do you really buy (literally) 20% discounts on SEO? I wouldn’t, and that’s coming from an SEO professional.

So, as 2014 comes to a close and the Holidays just days away I thought I’d put the industry’s first legitimate SEO Christmas offers out there on the table. You can put one “under the tree” for an online business associate of yours, or unwrap it yourself as an owner managing your brand’s website.

2014 Holiday Season SEO Offers for Online Businesses

Offer #1 – Legitimate 50% Off of On-Page SEO Set-Up

I state “legitimate” because many SEO agencies will throw any number out there and claim it’s a large discount on what they usually charge. Public facing rate cards aren’t exactly that transparent in this industry so the offer may feel a little arbitrary. So how do you know I’m being straight up? Simply refer to the SEO services page on this site and at the bottom you’ll see the price range. Contact me for the first time before December 31 (2014) but don’t mention this offer until I give you the quote on your site. Once I have, hit me with the fact that you found this article offering 50% off of your initial on-page SEO. Long story short, you can score an on-page set-up starting at $300. If you’re unclear as to what constitutes on-page SEO, refer to item #3 of this article. There are no strings attached to this one. You are not required to sign-on for a one year contract or anything else. It’s that simple.

Offer #2 – Four Free SEO Optimized Blog Posts w/On-Page SEO Set-Up Purchase

Content creation is the most important element of on-going SEO. Your website’s blog drives this initiative yet very few online businesses understand what is required of their blogging to make it an effective part of their SEO strategy. After agreeing to a standard quote for on-page SEO set-up (price range detailed here) for your website, I will commit to writing and posting four search engine optimized articles for your website. These articles will give you the explicit direction that you need to maintain your blog in the future if you have someone capable of writing them on your staff. Even if you secure my blogging services beyond the SEO set-up, the first four are free. That’s up to you, of course. So what’s the value of the offer? Four search engine optimized articles start at $500. They’re yours, free, with a one-time on-page package.

Whether you found this article while searching for Holiday season SEO offers for yourself or as a unique gift for an associate business that will keep on giving well into the new year, you can take advantage of either deal by contacting me before December 31/2014.

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