Should I Hire a Blogger? 5 Key Considerations

Should I Hire a Blogger

Are you asking yourself (and perhaps Google, apparently) if it’s time to bring in a professional blogger to write content for your business’ website? Well, first of all, it’s great that you’re considering it. This indicates that you’ve picked up on the fact that modern website marketing requires that frequent and high-quality content updates remain the core any sound online strategy. That being said, at what point do you dedicate financial resources to accomplish this task? This question can easily be answered by first answering five others before it.

5 Questions to Consider When Making a Decision as to Whether or Not You Should Hire a Blogger for Your Website

1. Do You Need Organic Search Traffic to Bring You Customers?

If your brand recognition is limited and offline marketing is not sparking enough interest to bring you direct traffic (URL’s that people type directly into their browsers) then you likely depend upon organic search traffic to bring customers to you. You may also be adjusting strategies, moving away from Google AdWords PPC campaigns in favor of natural search engine results. Whichever the case (or both) this necessity to capture organic search traffic requires a strong content marketing plan. This content marketing plan dictates the delivery of interesting and informative articles (on your blog) about your product/service, industry, and your corporate persona so that Google picks up on the fact that your website is updated often, providing content that is directly relevant to the semantic queries that users are entering into search. This delivery is the only honest way to bring in organic search traffic in your near future.

2. Is Your Website Devoid of Domain Authority & PageRank?

There are indeed business websites that sit near the top of Google page one organic results without a blog update in sight. Chances are, that these sites come backed with historical value that has provided them with the domain authority to maintain their strong organic position. Websites that have been around for five years or so, and have found some online success during that tenure, will eventually build up this authority to the point that competitors will have a heck of a time knocking them off of their perch. If your website does not have strong domain authority (check here) you will need to ramp up your content marketing plan as much as possible to put up a legitimate fight to get to page one AND to begin building your own domain authority. Then there is PageRank. PageRank will be built-up overtime when a business’ website is considered, by Google, to be a true authority in its industry. This authority is perceived by how the web references your own site. These references come in the form backlinks pointing to pages on your site that host content that other webmasters consider to be of value to their site’s visitors. Websites that standalone in their industry, or ones that have a long history in creating great content that is worth linking to, will have a higher PageRank (check here).  Again, if your site does not fit the bill, it will need to generate engaging content (hosted on your blog) that will encourage other websites to reference it so that you can begin to build your PageRank and start ranking better on Google.

3. Do You Manage a Local Business in a Competitive Market?

If you own and operate a local business (as opposed to a national brand) in a competitive industry then your website falls under the laws of local SEO. Following local SEO best practices will help you gain a better position on Google, both within the Google map, and in general result listings. Providing fresh content about a product/service, industry, and corporate persona in a local geographic context is a big part of the five keys to ranking higher in local SEO. A professional blogger experienced in this very specific task will be a major part of your online campaign.

4. Is Social Media an Important Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

If your online business has rightfully subscribed to a social media marketing strategy then you know that one of the most challenging parts of it is coming up with something to post every day. While rich media (photos, videos, graphics) allows for this quick and frequent posting, your profiles will soon be deemed to be nothing more that a wall of fluff, offering little value for those customers looking for deeper insight into your product/service, industry, and corporate persona. This deeper-level content can only be delivered through articles. These original articles should almost always link back to your website, in particular, on your blog. Thus, if maintaining a strong social media plan is important to your business, an effectively managed blog in turn is just as essential to the process.

5. Are You Currently Short on Human Resources to Effectively Manage Your Blog for You?

Lastly, you simply need to look to your existing human resources. If either you, or someone on your staff, has the skill and time to manage a daily (ideal) or weekly (respectable) blog on your website then you may not need to bring in a professional blogger. You also need to consider what this level of “skill” involves. Remember that it’s not just about writing an article, it’s about writing an article that is optimized for topics and keywords that customers are actually searching for, ones that will not only bring your website traffic, but ones that will bring in customers that are actually qualified prospects for your business. If you lack in this arena, then you likely need to bring in a professional online content writer.

Have the above five considerations led you to the answer you were looking for? If in the affirmative, please do not hesitate to contact me to request a blog package estimate and/or discuss the opportunity further.

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