SEO Content Writing Services

Content is the cornerstone of any search engine optimization (SEO) and social media strategy. Google, and all other search engines, demand that you provide users with engaging, informative, interesting, and media-rich content on your website. This content needs to be updated on a frequent basis. If delivered accordingly your website will move up in search rank and perform better on social channels. As a business owner, you don’t have the time to create and maintain this content. That’s where I come in.

Optimizing Your Online Content

The process starts with the static content on your website. I analyze and edit/rewrite this body of text to accommodate your SEO strategy while maintaining the tone of your brand, encouraging visitors to take the next step and become customers. Give me a ring or send me an email and I’ll look at your existing content.

Blogging Services

In order to provide search engines and social networks with frequently updated content a blog needs to be maintained on your site. This blog needs to be updated weekly (minimum), if not daily (best case scenario). The topics, titles, text, and imagery used within each article must be optimized for search in order to capture qualified traffic. I identify these opportunities and write the content while maintaining the voice of your brand. Let’s talk about maintaining your site’s blog.

Copywriting Services

All of your marketing materials, offline and online, should serve as a complement to your website. I will tie it all together for you, providing offline and online copywriting for any marketing collateral you may have/need (brochures, press releases, newsletters, etc…). Just let me know what you’re looking to accomplish and we can get started.

Blog Training

Already have someone on staff that has a knack for the written word and is excited about maintaining your blog for you? Perhaps you are that person? Perfect! I can provide your business with a crash course on how to maintain your own search engine optimized blog. Contact me for details, anytime.