2015-2016 Search Engine Ranking Factors for Your Business

How to Rank Better on Google 2015-16

SEO Moz (authority on the search engine industry) released their 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors study last week. So why have I dubbed it for 2016 as well? Because everyone reviewing the study will take note and adjust (or maintain) their SEO strategy accordingly for the year ahead, ultimately dictating their 2016 online marketing plan.  The report itself has compiled relevant results from a survey of over 150 industry leading experts (my survey must have been lost in the mail) on over 90 ranking factors.

The study is accessible for all to view, but to save you the time I’ve broken down everything that you, the business owner, needs to know.

Key Takeaways from the 2015 Search Engine Ranking Factors Study

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SEO for Photographers and Photography Websites

SEO for Photographers and Photography Websites

Every once in awhile I’ll add an article to answer questions for specific industries that require a custom take on the concept of search engine optimization. Recently I addressed the SEO needs of artists and art galleries, and local travel companies. Note the theme here? Like the aforementioned, photographers function outside of the cut and dry rules of online marketing, within a colorful industry where SEO is a grey area. Most SEO firms don’t know how to tackle the unique requirements that will set photographers apart from their local competition. Because of this, photographers have received generic advice and had their websites inadequately optimized to no client-acquisition avail. Are you a photographer looking to enhance your online presence yet remain confused about the path to take? Read further to find out what your website needs to succeed in your specialized field.

5 Tips for Photographers Looking to Improve Their Website Rank on Search Engines

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SEO for Travel Companies – The Dilemma of Local vs Global Targeting

SEO for Travel Companies

There are few industries as unique as travel when it comes to search engine optimization. Chances are, if you manage a travel company and have searched for information on SEO you may be somewhat puzzled about the whole “local vs global” dilemma. Whether you are a travel agency, tour provider, or some other hospitality business that caters exclusively to tourists and travelers (there’s a difference) you need to make a decision, based upon your budget and resources, as to whether or not you will target local search, a wider geographic area, or both.

For example, a travel agency may be located in a brick and mortar within Vancouver, yet specialize in setting customers up with hotels, tours, and activities on the Hawaiian islands. Or, an Orange County agency may exist strictly online, appealing to a wider audience, yet specialize in a certain type of travel, such as eco-tourism. In either scenario (and many others within the travel industry) the SEO process is not cut and dry. While every situation is certainly unique, the following article provides you with a few key best-practices for you to follow as an online travel based company.

What Travel Companies Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization

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The Return of Tweets in Google Search Results & How it Can Impact Your Online Business

Tweets showing up in Google search results

Twitter must have taken it to heart when I stated that they would continue to decline in the year ahead in my Bold Social Media Predictions for 2015 article. I say this because yesterday (Feb 5/2015), Bloomberg Business reported that Twitter reached a deal with Google that will allow tweets to show up in Google search results.

You may recall, that the concept itself is nothing new. Five years ago tweets were being indexed and showing up in search right up until 2011 when Twitter closed the door on the deal with Google in order to gain more control over the content being released on their platform. But like it or not, Twitter is now considered a news source. Considering that Google is including a variety of sources for their “in the news” delivery (Reddit included) in general web search results it makes sense that tweets from high-authority profiles make the cut.

For businesses hoping to better manage their online presence in real-time this is a big deal. Read further to learn how this can positively impact your brand.

How Your Online Business Can Take Advantage of Tweets Returning to Google Search Results

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How to Get Other Websites to Link to Yours – A 5 Step Beginner’s Guide

How to Get Other Websites to Link to Yours

After having your on-page technology in order, one of the biggest search engine ranking factors of 2014 (carrying over into 2015) is the number of quality sites linking back to your own. Simply put (for beginners), Google deems your site to be a vessel of important information in your industry if others that discuss (blog) about your industry (online) link to your content. When they (Google) draw this conclusion, they rank your site higher than that of your competition. Your PageRank increases as does your website’s “SEO visibility”. For you, this equals more online customers.

So, now that you know that your website is in dire need of these backlinks, what can you do to get them?

5 Ways to Get Your Website Noticed so that High-Quality Relevant Sites Link to It

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