SEO for Your Sports Website or Sportsbook – Go Team!


I’m all about the niche. I firmly believe that for some fields, a run-of-the mill SEO simply can’t translate what they know to all industries. Sports is one of them.

From the action/extreme genre to the mainstream, sports is a culture that demands familiarity. With content strategy being the key to search engine marketing (SEM), both your audience and Google will know if you know what you’re talking about. If the semantics don’t fit, they’ll acquit. Page One will be a green pasture that your digital field will never know.

Thankfully, you’re off to the right start by landing on this article. So, before you attempt to manage your own SEO or solicit the services of a general SEM agency, read this playbook first.

5 Things You Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization for Your Sports Based Online Business

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Who is the Best SEO Service Provider and Company in the USA / Canada?

Best SEO Service Provider USA and Canada

It’s almost impossible to get an honest answer to this question.

You’re talking about an industry full of people and firms that know how to manipulate the system (Google, essentially) to ensure that they are the ones found at the top of the list. They put forth a ton of effort for their clients (presumably) so imagine the amount of effort and expense they go to to boost their own online status? It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. It doesn’t really serve you, the business owner, who just wants an answer.

Heck, by me selecting the exact title above I intended to get this article found by you. I knew you’d open Google search and enter a string of words that autocompleted to “who is the best SEO service provider” or some semantic variation of it. I’m guilty.

What I’m not guilty of, is an agenda that refers you to an associate near you that I’ll earn a percentage off of when you fill out their contact form. Nope. I don’t play that game. Instead,  I’m providing you with a guideline of what to look for (and look out for) when attempting to search for the best SEO in the USA, Canada, or wherever you may be. If I’m that person for you, I’m honored. If not, that’s OK too. But please do keep reading.

4 Things That Will Tell You Which SEO Provider is the Best for Your Business

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Online Marketing Trends and Predictions 2016

Online Marketing Trends to Watch for 2016

2016 is in full swing and businesses are applying new year resolutions to their online marketing plans. As the most fickle media channel there is, it’s important to stay on top of trends in online marketing on an annual basis, if not more frequently. To get you started off on the right foot I’ve compiled a list of trends and predictions that will help you improve your search engine rank and online customer acquisition in the year ahead.

5 Trends to Watch for that Will Boost Your Online Marketing Plan in 2016

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How to Tell if Your SEO Company is Working

How to Know if Your SEO is Working

I hear it all of the time. I’ll be speaking casually with a business owner about their current SEO provider and they tell me that they have no idea what the SEO does each month, aside from sending them a bill. Sound familiar?

Of course, if your website is not ranking well, then this is cause for alarm. However, even if it is, you should still be concerned that you may be spending money every month for no good reason.

Too often SEOs (individual or firm) invoice businesses on a monthly basis without proper accounting of the work completed. When asked, the less reputable among them will dismiss the query with technical jargon. They will throw statements at you, such as “optimizing the tags”, “adjusting the code”, “installing the script”, and “yada yada yada”. In the beginning, when you first signed up for an SEO package, that’s perfectly fine. The technical nitty gritty is a big element of search engine ranking factors. This is where you will indeed incur significant initial expense. It’s the monthly part where many SEOs drop the ball and leave you wondering.

Taking the technical set-up portion out of the equation (this will be assumed), I am providing you with a clear accounting of the work that should be done for you each month, from the bare minimum to the more intensive (varies based upon your budget).

5 Things Your SEO Should Provide You and Your Website With on a Monthly Basis

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Twitter in Google Search Results Just Got Big

Twitter Showing Up in Google Search

Do you feel that Twitter is a waste of time as far as managing your business’ online presence is concerned? To be honest, in the recent past it may very well have been, depending upon your industry (food trucks and celebrity PR firms not included). That’s a whole other discussion.

What’s important, is that you understand what is happening now. It wasn’t that long ago that Google announced a renewed partnership with Twitter that would allow Tweets to show up in page-one search results. Over the months since then, there hasn’t been too much action in that capacity, until all of a sudden a wave of tweets washed across Google search engine results pages (SERPs) at the end of summer 2015. The Twitter SERP tsunami has arrived.

I really took notice of this new phenomenon three weeks ago. I have a client who manages a site on all things related to college football. I was monitoring Google search results for “college football” keyword terms to see how her online presence was doing. At the top of the SERP I found the Twitter feed. I proceeded to check-in on other industries and there it was, the same feed taking up valuable Google page-one real estate. This behavior has maintained everyday since.

After three weeks of studying the Google SERP Twitter feed and subsequent analytics I have been able to draw the following conclusions that will apply directly to your online business.

6 Things Businesses Need to Know About Twitter Showing Up in Google Search Results

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