About Marcus Maraih – Content Writer & SEO

Online Writer for a Very Diverse Assortment of Industries


My diverse (ludicrously so) online writing background in a wide variety of industries has allowed me to adapt to the voice and needs of any business.

As a travel writer and “remote” search engine marketing specialist I work with clients overseas, on the Hawaiian islands, and throughout the western coast of U.S. and Canada.

At any given moment I’m either braving a Jeepney ride through the Philippines (pictured), conducting business at a luau on Oahu (HI), covering the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach (CA), or back at home base in Vancouver (BC) writing blogs for SEO clients.

I work with clients all over the world and I’d be more than happy to work with you, wherever you may be and whatever it is that you do.

Areas of Specialization

The Search Engine Marketing Industry Itself

Content Writer and SEOAn SEM can’t truly help their clients become an online authority in a given industry unless they have become the same for their own. If you perform a Google search for “get on Google page one” you’ll find my guest blog for Standard Marketing Ltd (a leading SEO firm in the Pacific Northwest) at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). If you search “Google TV Rank” or “sell your products on Instagram” you’ll find my Standard Marketing column above-the-fold on the SERP. The list of searches and respective articles goes on and on. My Google Author Rank remains strong to date and I write fresh content every day to ensure that it maintains. The proof is in the proverbial pudding in this industry. An SEO / content writer cannot accomplish something for their clients that they cannot accomplish for themselves.




Content Writer for Hospitality Industry - Marcus MaraihCreating content for the hospitality industry is a passion. Especially when it comes to lending a helping hand to the small to medium businesses working within in it. It’s a great feeling to help these emerging brands take on the big chains in Google search.

Whether you perform this Google search for “Best Shave Ice in the World” (see YAHglobal.com listing for Ululani’s Shave Ice), how to get from Honolulu Airport to North Shore (see Honolulu Airport Transfer), or search “Tacos in Whistler Village” (see La Cantina) you will find articles and sites optimized by yours truly. At press I’m working closely with brands in Vancouver BC, Orange County CAOahu HI, and beyond, providing SEM services for niche hospitality businesses.



Real Estate

Content Writer for Real Estate SEO

I cut my SEO teeth with the real estate industry. I enjoy working with real estate agents in helping them dominate local search results for their target market. I’m familiar with the nuances of the business, working around the constraints of IDX provider templates or working with my developers to create custom sites for Realtors, offices, and independent agents.






Athletics and Sports

Content Writer for SEO - Sports IndustryCreating content, and strategy, for the diverse athletics and sports industry is second nature to me. I served as a credited advisor on the groundbreaking Fellowship of the Bearings long boarding DVD project. My articles for YAHglobal.Com rank on Google Page One for the annual Vans Triple Crown on the North Shore of Oahu and I am invited for press coverage of the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach with each passing year. Most notably, I currently work with a content team to generate high-value content for a major sports book news resource that has directly resulted in unprecedented online brand mentions on ESPN, the LA Times, Grantland, and the Huffington Post. The content spans beyond articles, proven when you perform a Google image search for “How Does the NFL Season Work?” or “How Does the World Cup Work” where you’ll find info-graphics that have been shared throughout the world.




The diversity of the above “Areas of Specialization” translates into every industry. I have been able to achieve Google Page One ranking for every business from roofing companies to international crating providers. In my book, no industry is without inspiration for a great online content strategy. There is nothing we can’t accomplish for your business, together.