The Return of Tweets in Google Search Results & How it Can Impact Your Online Business

Tweets showing up in Google search results

Twitter must have taken it to heart when I stated that they would continue to decline in the year ahead in my Bold Social Media Predictions for 2015 article. I say this because yesterday (Feb 5/2015), Bloomberg Business reported that Twitter reached a deal with Google that will allow tweets to show up in Google search results. You may recall, that the concept itself is…

How to Get Other Websites to Link to Yours – A 5 Step Beginner’s Guide

How to Get Other Websites to Link to Yours

After having your on-page technology in order, one of the biggest search engine ranking factors of 2014 (carrying over into 2015) is the number of quality sites linking back to your own. Simply put (for beginners), Google deems your site to be a vessel of important information in your industry if others that discuss (blog) about your industry (online) link to your…

Bold Social Media Predictions for 2015

Bold Social Media Predictions for 2015

It’s the first official full week of 2015 and in this industry that means you’re about to be inundated with piles upon piles of prediction lists for the state of online marketing. While lacking in originality, some of these lists do indeed serve to prepare brands and businesses for the year ahead. The problem for you (business owner/manager), however, is that far…

Should I Hire a Blogger? 5 Key Considerations

Should I Hire a Blogger

Are you asking yourself (and perhaps Google, apparently) if it’s time to bring in a professional blogger to write content for your business’ website? Well, first of all, it’s great that you’re considering it. This indicates that you’ve picked up on the fact that modern website marketing requires that frequent and high-quality content updates remain the core any sound online strategy. That being said, at what point do you…

2015 List of Banned Hashtags on Instagram That Your Business May be Using

List of Banned Hashtags on Instagram

On December 18/2014 Instagram took swift action against fake and spammy profiles, removing the respective accounts from their network. Overnight users from all walks of life lost anywhere from dozens to millions of followers in one swoop. While many cried “unfair” as they witnessed a bulk of their hard earned following vanish, Instagram was working with all of our best interests in mind….

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps in 2015


For many local businesses the Google map listing is a mystery. Some have managed to score a lower position on this page-one piece of online real estate yet are baffled as to how they can move up. Others are not listed at all and are desperate to be so. NO matter the scenario, both are correct in wanting to take immediate action…

SEO Christmas Offer 2014

SEO Christmas Offer 2014

With every other product/service out there announcing huge Holiday season offers I wondered, why doesn’t the SEO industry do the same? Sure there have been a few dismal attempts to mask a standard sales pitch under the guise of Christmas but honestly, in a society where we demand that Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals extend well into December do you really…

SEO for Artists and Art Galleries – 5 Tips

SEO for Artists and Art Galleries - 5 Tips

Believe me when I say this. There is no better time to be an artist than today (well, except for perhaps during the Renaissance). Why do I make such a statement? Because now that we live in the digital age the “struggling artist” label is a misnomer if  said artist or gallery embraces the concept of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO allows you as an artist and/or…

How to Find a Web Content Writer for Your Online Business

How to Find a Web Content Writer

You’ve already taken the first step, haven’t you? Whether you found this article by searching for answers on Google or clicked through to this article while navigating the site you’ve already performed the most necessary online journey essential to the task of finding a web content writer. But of course it doesn’t stop here. You need to know how to find an…

How to Identify a Good SEO Company

How to Identify a Good SEO Company

First of all, kudos to you for doing a little homework before contacting anyone (company or individual contractor) to manage the SEO for your website. Too often business owners or marketing managers plug “SEO in (their city)”  into Google and start completing contact-estimate forms without much thought into whether or not these SEOs deserve their business. You’re about to put the online…